Somebody’s Watching You…

Bible Devotions: Words of Faith, Hope and Love

You know dear hearts in my Christian walk I’ve learned that you don’t have to say to anyone, “I’m a Christian” because more often than not they’ve already read you like a book. The lives we live speak volumes!

Years ago when I was still a teacher, I had an experience with a parent whose child wasn’t one of my students. I didn’t know this woman’s name nor she mine but she knew something about my life living. I was on break, reading my bible and she humbly apologized for interrupting my quiet time. She said that she just wanted to tell me how much she admired what she saw in me; she called it an attribute of Christ. I thanked her and she went on her way with a smile.

Dear hearts this showed me and taught me a valuable lesson: we are being watched, observed, even when we…

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