“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

Jeremiah The weeping Prophet
There is just so much wrong with what we call Christianity and Church that I don’t know where to begin.

There is the superficial façade of ministry with its robes, clerical collars and man-made symbols of Christianity along with the always happy preacher, the performing choirs and the practiced prayers.

There is the false sense of salvation that comes from church membership, denominational fellowship and/or pastoral relationship.

There are the false and misleading messages of entertaining, clowning, academically engaging, motivational speakers masquerading as God’s preachers.

There are the corrupt, greedy, self-serving, manipulative and sexually immoral pastors who destroy lives and ruin souls.

There is the unsaved and blind trying to lead the unsaved and blind.

And there is the abomination in the pulpit preaching and teaching a gospel of perversion.

With so much wrong in Christendom today, sometimes all that I can say is …


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