My Personal Prayer Request

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The following is a message that I sent to a few of my FaceBook followers and I thought that I should share it with my WordPress friends and invite you to pray for me also:

A few weeks ago on FaceBook, I asked if anybody wanted to see the miracle of unified prayer prayed by saints who were on one accord – praying with one mind for the same thing. A few of you said yes and that is why you are getting this inbox message.

However, if you are no longer interested or if for some reason you no longer wish to pray with me, that is alright. I still love you and will be praying for the Lord to grant your heart’s desires as you delight yourself in Him.

On this Saturday, September 28, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. (EST) I am asking everyone who has agreed to pray with me to stop whatever it is that they are doing and pray for me that the Lord would provide me with the following specific prayer requests:

  1. The health, means and resources to properly care for my 81-year-old mother.
  2. The strength of character and moral fortitude to Stand on God’s Unchanging Word with Holy Boldness and Moral Integrity.
  3. To Preach and Teach the teachings of Christ and His Apostles as it was first delivered to the saints.
  4. To never waiver from teaching and preaching God’s Eternal Truth even under the threat of physical harm, rebuke, poverty or death.
  5. A suitable and affordable indoor facility from which to minister and administer the Work of the Kingdom of God and to care for those whom He may send.
  6. Committed saints who are at least as devoted to serving the Lord as I am.
  7. The Spirit, Strength, Passion and the Wisdom to know how to lead the lost to Repentance and Eternal Life in Christ Jesus as well as the compassion and healing touch to restore the fallen, the sick, the confused, the deceived and the backslider to health, soundness and a better relationship with Christ.

If you can pray unselfishly for me as I pray unselfishly for you to immediately receive the desires of your heart, it is my belief that God will reward us openly in such a way that we cannot deny that it was God and God Alone.

Will you Pray and Believe with me for a miracle?




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