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In today’s modern, sophisticated and highly academically driven systems of the Christian Faith, many folks believe that if they join one of the thousands of churches that call themselves Christian, that their sins are forgiven and that they are saved from Hell and condemnation.


Just because a group or organization calls themselves Christian doesn’t mean that the Spirit or the Word of Christ resides there.

Just because a group or organization sounds religious and tells Bible stories and builds buildings that they call churches and worship centers and preaches tantalizing principles of faith doesn’t meant that they are of God.

Just because a preacher has a master’s or doctorate degree in theology doesn’t mean that he or she knows anything about God or salvation.

Just because someone is an effective speaker with skills of verbal persuasion and has an ordination of licensing ceremony and is given a certificate, a robe and a Bible doesn’t make them God’s man or God’s Preacher.

Just because someone is hired by a congregation or sanctioned by a religious organization as a Pastor doesn’t mean that they are a Pastor.

Just because someone carries a title or is honored by the world as a Bishop, Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, Elder, Deacon, Minister or any other ecclesiastical office doesn’t mean that they are sent by God into those offices of service.

Many people are occupying positions and carrying titles of Christian leadership for the purpose of self-fulfillment, pride, personal ambition and personal gain. They are agents of Satan sent to deceive, kill, steal and destroy.

They anesthetize (numb and sedate) us with soothing affirming words rendering us unconscious to the reality of our damnation.

Thus, many of us are going to Hell shouting “hallelujah and praise the Lord” because we think that we were saved when we are not. Our faith was in the church that we joined and not in the Word of God nor in His Commands.

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I am sent unto you to serve.

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Galatians 3_27  baptism by water

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