Today’s Sabbath Message / Unquestioning Faith

Obedience to the Word

Do you have unquestioning faith?

Unquestioning faith seeks to please the Father by imitating the Son in obedience, surrender, devotion, loyalty, trust, submissiveness and integrity to the Father and his WORD..

Unquestioning faith does not call God’s commandments into question but obeys every one of them.

Modern mainstream religious sects sometimes questions whether or not God’s Eternal Moral Law is still in effect. They sometimes question God’s call for holiness, while advocating for licentiousness, lewdness and sexual immorality. Many Christian groups try to dismiss, diminish and redefine God’s ordained order of gender roles in the His Church, calling into question God’s absolute and eternal  righteousness.

I once was speaking to a Law Enforcement officer about how to avoid a traffic violation. He said that the best way to avoid a ticket is to stay within the law. What good advice for us today. We should simply and unquestioningly stay within the commands of God and not seek to override them, excuse them, ignore them, avoid them or redefine them.

Do you have unquestioning faith?


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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