Today’s Sabbath Message for June 2, 2012 / “PASTORS NEED PRAYER TOO” 2nd Edition”

O. W. Prince Ministries

Prayer-MinistryWe expect our pastors to take prayerful interest in our problems and needs. Consequently, the pastor often carries a burden for almost every family and individual that the Lord assigns to him, but who prays for his needs? He is human too and he needs our prayers. What a blessing when someone says to him in private, “Pastor, you always have a place in my prayers and I’ll be glad to pray for any special needs of yours.”

A delegation of American pastors asked Charles Spurgeon the secret for his success. In response, Spurgeon led them to the lower level of his meeting house and quietly opened the door. The visitors saw over 400 people praying for God’s blessing and power to rest upon their pastor who would stand in the pulpit to preach the Word of God that night. “There, Gentlemen,” said Spurgeon, “is the secret for my…

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