New Age Morality?


In our modern culture, decency and propriety have been pushed aside and replaced with a new age morality – one that God doesn’t recognize as Holy or acceptable. And because of this culture’s media endorsement and psychological brainwashing and political approval of such new age morality, many Christians have lost their minds and are completely stupefied.

Here is a self-test to see if you have been captivated by Satan’s new age morality.

I don’t suspect that many people will respond to this post or this question out of fear of not being accepted by friends or of appearing sanctimonious or too holy.

Nevertheless, identify what’s wrong with the following statement:


(A young lady is speaking and says…)

“When I got pregnant, my boyfriend, Jody, was very supportive of me.”


(You may post your replies in comments)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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