I’m A Bad Man / Today’s Sabbath Message

TRuth 1

The Most Dangerous Man Is a Man With Nothing To Lose.

No Job!

No Income!

No Way To Provide For A Wife or Children.

No Opportunities For Development.

No Hope of Earthly Success or Happiness.

Such a man has no reason to fear what you think of him. He already knows.

Such a man does not fear losing because he has already lost.

Such a man has no fear of hurting because he is already in constant pain.

Such a man has no reason to bridle his tongue or sugarcoat his words because doing so has not gained him anything and now he feels like a fool for having done so.

Such a man does not fear death. He has died several deaths already.

The only civil similitude of masculinity and manhood left to him are his words. So he uses words to say what lesser men dare not say, to communicate in a language of Truth that the most eloquent orators would not venture to participate in, to be openly honest about what he feels, thinks and believes with conviction, vitality, boldness and integrity.

The Most Dangerous Man on Earth is the Man who is totally Free of the chains of this world and its political and religious systems. Therefore he is free to speak God’s Words and Commandments without consideration for the cares of this world or what others may think about him.

He knows that he cannot trust man so he listens only to God.

He has learned that God will provide when man has denied.

He has discovered that manhood is not found in his pocketbook but in obeying God’s Holy Book.

He now knows that true happiness and success comes from trusting and obeying God.

Such a man will speak the TRUTH. And we know that God’s Word is TRUTH! And the TRUTH, in this culture of lies, is a dangerous thing. Therefore, any man who has denied his own wellbeing, personal happiness and material wealth for the sake of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God is a dangerous man.

Some men have to be politically correct for fear of loosing their incomes. Some have to be soft-spoken and compromising in order to maintain a job or career. Some have to be silent about God’s Eternal Commandments and live in denial of their true faith so as to make a living, support their families and be successful.

But a man of Truth will tell the Truth regardless of the cost. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain.  ~Luke 9:23-25~

(Keeping It Real)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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