Pray For Me


Dear Friends and Loyal Saints,

Please pray for this ministry and for me as I attempt to go forward in Jesus’ name in Faith, Obedience and Trust. Pray that the Lord sends his divine helper to teach, guide, instruct and to save. Pray that the Lord sends willing hearts, listening ears, contrite spirits and cheerful and generous souls to support this continuing outreach effort.

Pray In Jesus’ name & remember me.

Thank You!

(O.W. Prince)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

8 responses

  1. Bishop Prince,

    I will be praying for you, and that the Lord’s will be done. May the Lord bless you with a fresh anointing!!! Go forth in power, in Jesus’ name!


  2. in jesus name the son of the most high god i pray that ur ministry may reach out to million of lost souls all for his kingdom praise be to the living god amen

  3. Your greatest ministry days are but a step away, destiny lies on your doorstep, you are prepared more than ever for God’s best and big thing. Go for it Bishop!

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