One evening while visiting a revival, I witnessed a minister leading prayer. After she was through praying in a sing-song, melodic and rhythmic tone of voice, she then proceeded to perform in a convulsive type movement, yelling out loud, making grunting and barking sounds like an animal – performing as if she were trying to cough up something – hunching her shoulders, jutting out her neck and widely opening her mouth while making a loud choking sound.

It was quite obvious that this unintelligible and pitiful display of animated behavior was intended to be understood as evidence of being possessed by the Holy Spirit.

Does God’s Holy Spirit manifest Himself in this way?  Are there other false ways in which Satan imitates the Holy Spirit and attempts to deceive the saints?  What is your experience?  Please list them in your comments.

[ Please See Scripture Reference Mark 13:22.]

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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