The Question of “Marriage”


Hello Everybody!

I have a question that I would love to have you help me with. I have posted the question on several different social sites. You are invited and encouraged to please give your considerable insights into the question. THIS IS NOT A TRICK QUESTION! There are no wrong or right answers and I assure you that I will NOT challenge or criticize your responses. Your responses do not have to be Bible based.  I only want to know what you really and truly think and feel about the question.

Allow me to thank you in advance for your input and insight.

“What do you feel constitutes, defines and/or determines whether or not a marriage is a legitimate marriage? Is it …

A. Marriage License by The Civil Authorities
B.  A Sanctioned Union by a Church or Pastor
C. A Man and Woman’s verbal covenant (vow) to each other
D. The Sexual Act of becoming one flesh
E. The the unity of Faith
F. All of the above
G. None of the above
H. Something else (Please Comment Below)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

7 responses

  1. E. To me, it is nothing of the flesh, it is all the connection of ones heart to another, the piece of paper is nothing, yet it is everything, for those who are not given the right to have a legal bond of hearts.

  2. There might be more than one ‘correct’ answer, the following I think is a good approach to meet essential steps that define marriage:
    0: the following pertain to marriage of a man and a woman only (the two of opposite gender). I do not conside gay union qualify the title of genuine marriage.

    C: verbally, the two likes each other and promise to marry.

    Next …
    A: they plan it mutually and get married at a civil authority.

    Next … Desirable but not absolutely essental
    B: conduct a church service to bless the marriage and celebrate the occasion.

    The following should never happen prior to the above steps.
    D: get too intimate or even have sexual relationship before fulfilling the essentials I mentioned above. If so, then I consider it an error and deviation and need damage control firm steps. Outside the scope of this question.

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