“I Wonder What God Thanks About This.”



[The Following Is NOT referring to the Hirelings (Pastors Who are Hired Servants of a Religious Institution) But to the UNEMPLOYED NON-INSTITUTIONAL GOD SENT SHEPHERDS AT-LARGE who have faithfully served FREELY and CONSITENTLY.]


We will work to pay the cable company $99 – $150 per month to provide channels that we hardly ever watch and don’t like. But we will not give God’s faithful servants a one-time annual donation of $120.00 ($10.00 per month).

We will sacrifice, save and borrow to go on a trip for a week or a weekend and stay in a luxury hotel and go to Disney World, spending upwards of $1000 – $5000 for the privilege. But we will ignore the fundamental financial and living needs of the genuine servant of God. 

We will plan and budget to go out on the town with our friends and get drunk, get high, fornicate and engage in sexually immoral and licentious behaviors – costing anywhere from $100 – $1000.00. But we cannot seem to plan to give God’s messengers the price of new pair of shows or the price of a meal for a famiy of four.

Yet when tragedy, illness and disease hits our lives and the lives of our loved ones; when death visits our homes, we often look for support from the one we didn’t support. We often expect a visit from the one that we ignored.

When we are downtrodden, destitute and hungry for prayer and encouragement, we often want to be feed by the main one that we starved and abandoned.

And behold the genuine servants of YHVH rises to the needs of the sheep without consideration for their own wellbeing often with their head bloodied from spiritual warfare, pockets emptied from giving themselves  away and hearts aching from loving those who do not love them back.

I Wonder What God Thanks About This.

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God Love-Gives

Copyright © Othealor W. Prince May 2013
All Rights Reserved


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

2 responses

  1. Thanks brother! I know you are called by God to do the task of a pastor/bishop. I am glad you are influenced by love for God, not seeking the office of bishop from ambition or the love of power, wealth, ease, or some other selfish reason. You are promoting God’s interests, not your own. Amen!

    I praise God that you are not a hireling, brother! There are opposing motives that can be found in pastors who are called by God versus those who are hirelings. Pastors or shepherds are to feed their flock with all the people’s needs at heart. There are biblical patterns and qualifications for those of us serving in pastoral ministry.

    However, a hireling cares for himself and has not taken the job because of a love or concern for others, but for any one of a number of possible self-serving reasons. The hireling does not practice self-denial for the welfare of the sheep, has no boldness in the cause of Christ, and is unwilling to face any danger. He only pastors for financial support and other selfish reasons.

    In John 10:1, the Lord Jesus plainly made a distinction between those pastors who are called by Him and those who are not. There are those who “enter by the door” and those who “enter not by the door into the sheepfold, but climb up some other way.” The ones who climb up some other way are the self-promoting dictators and hirelings who are not influenced by a love for God and His sheep, but seek to promote their own self-interests. They are the ones who take the honor to themselves, do not do the will of God, and know nothing of sacrificing themselves entirely to His service. They are not guides for the sheep but plunderers seeking wealth, office, and ease at the expense of the sheep. They know nothing about “leading them out” (John 10:3) into paths of righteousness.

    Sometimes the sheep become reluctant to move on in the things of God. They easily grow complacent with things as they are. A true shepherd will lead them out of the follies, amusements, and diversions of the world into the paths of holiness and righteousness. A good illustration of what is involved in leading people can be seen in Jesus’ description of the Good Shepherd in John 10. The role could be summarized under the two basic activities of knowing people and loving them.

    Thanks again for all you do in service to the Lord! Blessings to you, my brother!

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