Wake Up People!

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According to www.AllChristianNews.com, gospel singer Kirk Franklin is now in the cross-hairs of the gay community for speaking out against homosexuality.  Franklin is under attack for calling on the gay community to “abandon the homosexual lifestyle.”  All true saints of God are under consistent criticism for not embracing homosexuality. (See the story at http://praisedc.com/1467719/kirk-franklin-is-now-under-fire-from-gay-rights-groups/)

It has become fashionable to attack anyone who speaks out against abominations and brazen sin. The end-time persecution of God’s saints has begun.  If we don’t go along with their sinful ways, the powers that be will attempt to negatively affect our lives, our salaries and our overall wellbeing.

These perverted and demented souls are attempting to equate a godly aversion to homosexuality with racism and other sensitive social ills.  That is like equating our aversion and disgust of child sexual abuse with being a patriot.  One has nothing to do with the other. They cannot generate any merit for their sin so they parasite on the emotions of other issues.   


We may as well put our war clothes on. “God Can’t Use No Coward Soldier.”  After reading the Kirk Franklin story, you would be well advised to visit GOD CAN’T USE A COWARD SOLDIER 

Keep Looking Up!

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