The Man Who Wanted it All

Bible Devotions: Words of Faith, Hope and Love

To want has always been in the heart of mankind. It started in the Garden of Eden when Eve saw that the tree was indeed good for food, pleasant to the eye and a tree to make one wise. She took what she wanted of the fruit and gave it to her husband Adam to eat. Their disobedience brought the curse of sin to all humanity; the separation between God and mankind. (Genesis 3:6)

There’s nothing wrong with wanting in and of itself, but it is what we want that can either be a blessing or a curse in our lives, especially if we want it for the wrong reason or to cause harm to another person. Dear hearts everything we desire isn’t worth the price we’ll have to pay.

Samson paid all he had for wanting the wrong woman. I am sure that if he could have done it…

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