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O.W. Prince Ministries Thanks Everyone Who Participated Today.

Congratulations Sister Carolyn White of Carrollton, Virginia. You are The Bible Scholar Champion for Wednesday, May 29, 2013.

Thank you Sister White for helping to make the Bible Scholars Group a fun, loving and caring place of learning and sharing. You have allowed your Light to Shine Brightly Today. Your answer is correct. You have demonstrated superb biblical scholarship.

Thank You!



Today’s Question:

There were some believers who had repented and had been baptized in the name of Christ Jesus and had received the Holy Spirit but had brought their old religious legalistic prejudices and traditions with them. They held taught the non-Jewish believers that they had to be circumcised in order to be saved. However, this teaching was not authorized by Christ or His Apostles.

Paul and Barnabas went up to Jerusalem before the Apostles and Elders (Bishops) to have a hearing on the question of Circumcision and Moses’ Law being a requirement for salvation (The hearing was not about the Eternal the Ten Commandments). During the hearing in the assembly at Jerusalem, Paul and Barnabas reported about the miracles and wonders that God had done among the non-Jewish population. Apostle Peter testified also of how God had confirmed His acceptance of non-Jewish believers by giving them the irrefutable evidence of the Hoy Spirit (Acts 10:44-47).

After everyone had finished testifying, I then spoke and testified that the Words of Peter, Barnabas and Paul were confirmed by the prophets and that we should not make it difficult for the non-Jewish population who are turning to God. Who am I?


The Answer For Today’s Bible Challenge Question Is:

James the brother of the Lord. Please see Acts 15:13-29.


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“Keep Looking Up!”


Special Memo:

This is the last Bible Scholar Question for a while (an estimated two weeks) and I wanted you to know that I appreciate your faithfulness and devotion in participating in the early morning Bible Challenges and Studies (The Bible Scholars Group).

Please don’t hesitate to keep in touch. I will still post on my blog from time to time as the Lord leads. And please remember to keep me in your prayers as I will keep you in mine.

But before I leave I would like to invite you to consider being a guest host on my online radio talk show. I’d rather have someone I am familiar with and who is familiar with me and what I believe- God’s Ordained Plan of Salvation. That way I’d know the exchange will be lively, informative and blessed.

The upcoming topic for discussion is taken from my podcast entitled “Stop Getting Drunk on Junk” which is no longer available online but will be aired on the broadcast. It discusses the problem of erroneous and irrelevant sermons from the pulpit and challenges all believers to stop being intoxicated off of emotionalism and intellectualism and seek the Truth of the Saving Gospel of God in Christ. Surely, someone has something to say regarding this topic and I would like for you to have the opportunity to say it.

Please contact me at if you think that you would like to be a call-in guest host.

I am scheduling a practice broadcast soon so call ASAP. The Practice Broadcast will not be aired but we can use it to workout the kinks and make you more comfortable.

Thank you so much for your consideration and cooperation.

Keep Looking Up!

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