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O.W. Prince Ministries Thanks Everyone Who Participated Today.

Congratulations Sister Carolyn White of Carrolton, Virginia. You are The Bible Scholar Champion for Wednesday, May 8, 2013.

Thank you Sister White for helping to make the Bible Scholars Group a fun, loving and caring place of learning and sharing. You have allowed your Light to Shine Brightly Today. Your answer is correct. You have demonstrated superb biblical scholarship.

Thank You!



Today’s Question:

When did God change His Seventh-Day Sabbath to a First-Day Sabbath – Sunday (Genesis 2:2-3, Exodus 20:8-11, Deuteronomy 5:12-15)?  Please give biblical reference where God changed the fourth Commandment to the first day of the week – Sunday.


The answer for today’s Bible Challenge Question is:

There is no such change or command from God in all of Holy Scripture.  Neither was any such command observed or taught by Christ or His Apostles. There is no command or example in the Scriptures for observance of the first day of the week as the Christian Sabbath.  Sunday became the common day of worship only after the Apostolic era.  Sunday worship was decreed by the idolatrous Roman Emperor Constantine in 321 A.D. as the venerable day of the sun (A reference to the pagan sun-god), and work was forbidden on that day.  This was a politically motivated act by Constantine to unify his Kingdom by wedding the pagan festival and observance Sun-god day to that of the Christian worship of the Son of God, effectively ostracizing the Judeo-Christians who faithfully observed the seventh-day Sabbath as commanded.  This was a calculated  attack against the despised Jewish-Christian community in Rome.  Instead of compromising and polluting their Faith with pagan rituals and observances, many Faithful Judeo Christians fled to Ethiopia and other parts of Africa where they could freely observe and obey God’s Holy Commandments.


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“Keep Looking Up!”


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