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O.W. Prince Ministries Thanks Everyone Who Participated Today.

Congratulations Sister Carolyn White of Carrollton, Virginia. You are The Bible Scholar Champion for Tuesday, May 7, 2013.

Thank you Sister White for helping to make the Bible Scholars Group a fun, loving and caring place of learning and sharing. You have allowed your Light to Shine Brightly Today. Your answer is correct. You have demonstrated superb biblical scholarship.

Thank You!



Today’s Question:

Does Jesus or his Apostle teach us to use a “Point of Contact” to release our faith? Yes or No? If yes, please provide scriptural reference and/or example.


The answer for today’s Bible Challenge Question is: “NO!”

The concept of the “Point of Contact” uses physical objects to elicit a response from God as a reply to your “seed faith gift” to some Counterfeit Christian ministry. The ministry or preacher may ask you to touch the TV or use some other object with your faith in conjunction with asking you to send in your seed faith offering (Money) to them.

Numerous gimmicks are employed – prayer rugs to kneel on, pictures of the preacher, vials of holy water (from Israel), Crosses with gems (from Israel), even dirt from the holy land and plain old handkerchiefs cut into squares are marketed as “Points of Contact” for your faith.

Christ did not teach this. The Apostles did not distribute objects as a point of contact or a method of enabling people to “release their faith.”

“A Point of Contact” is not a Biblical practice in the Church of Jesus Christ.

This practice has to do with witchcraft and the occult. It is a method/technique to get an individual to focus his or her beliefs on an inanimate object in order to manipulate God to act in a certain desired way. It is the erroneous and idolatrous belief that objects can be anointed and endowed with power to help carryout our wants and wishes. This is another deception of Satan and a practice of his counterfeit church.


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“Keep Looking Up!”


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