heart wicked Jeremiah 17_9

It is a mystery how the human heart sometimes work.

Sometimes we actually find our true love in someone who really loves us back.

Sometimes we only find a substitute for the love that we let go and live the rest of our lives in regret and silence – looking back on what will never be so.

Sometimes we are attracted to someone who is just as attracted to us. Sometime we are attracted to someone who cannot stand out guts.

And sometimes we receive love that we cannot truly return. Sometimes a friendship between a man and woman is just pure friendship – this is a truth that we all must learn.

Sometimes others want to make more out of it than is truly there. However, it only matters what the man and woman are willing to share.

Sometimes the most unfaithful men get the most faithful of wives. And sometimes the most unfaithful women marry the godliest of men – messing up their pure lives.

Sometimes there is no accounting for one’s taste in the opposite sex. He is driven by unseen passions sometimes sacrificing more than its worth.

What looks wrong for one may be just right for another.

The human heart is desperately wicked, twisted, perverted and untrue. Who can truly trust its judgment.  It fooled others and it will fool us too.

~ By Bishop O.W. Prince, Jr.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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