Happy Father’s Day 2012

fatherhood craddlingAs I searched the web for a Father’s Day video that I could dedicate to fathers, I began to realize that there is very little to choose from regarding black fathers in the home and lives of their children.  I know that this lack of black fatherhood representation in video does not reflect the truth about black men as fathers.  The majority of black men are very good fathers and very present in their children’s lives.  So what’s up with the lack of video representation on the web?  Must all our role models be world-famous celebrities, musicians, actors, politicians or entertainers?  I don’t think so!

Today I celebrate the real fathers—the ones who go about being a dad without celebrity, fame, fortune or notable appreciation. 

Today I celebrate the fathers who are present and active in the lives of their children regardless of the baby momma drama. 

I celebrate the dads who struggle against physical disabilities, social and economic depravity to provide for their children. 

Today I celebrate the daddies who play and interact with their children though their bodies are weary from the labor of the day. 

I celebrate the fathers who maintain godly morality and Christian integrity before his children-leading them to The Father of us all. 

I applaud all fathers who endeavor to instill in their children a sense of purity, decency and godliness in a world that promotes vulgarity, nudity and sexual obscenity. 

Today I celebrate the spirit of Fatherhood that provides guidance, protection, provision, direction, education, encouragement and love. 

Today I thank the LORD for all fathers whose morals are not in conflict with God’s message.

Fatherhood precedes all other family relationships. Before there was a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt or a wife, there was always The Father. Although He had the prerogative to describe himself in any fashion he desired, God chose to distinguish himself as The Father.  And regardless of the world’s attempts at placing fathers last, fathers were always first.  The Bible says that we were made in the image and glory of God.

Happy  Father’s  Day to all Fathers.

Copyright © Othealor W. Prince 2011
All Rights Reserved


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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